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Shower Renovations

Ease of Installation & Simplicity of Design Draw Consumers to LUXE Linear Drains

Joe Phillips - Tuesday, October 30, 2012
Do your plans for the coming months include a shower or complete bathroom renovation? If so, you’re probably in the process of determining which fixtures you would like to include in your renewed space. As we’ve mentioned before, linear shower drains are a must for the modern shower space for a number of reasons.

When selecting a linear shower drain, you want to choose a quality product, and LUXE Linear Drains are the best choice. Our products are the easiest in the industry to install, as they are independent of any waterproofing methods – meaning that any code-approved waterproofing materials can be used. Additionally, our drains are set just like any other floor tile or stone, right into the mortar bed.

In addition to an easy installation process, the simplicity of our design is what many consumers enjoy about our products. We have beautiful stainless steel drains in wedge wire, pattern grate, and mirror polish designs that create a very sleek, contemporary appearance. We also offer tile insert linear drains and tile insert point drains, which blend with the surrounding tile and create the illusion of water vanishing into the floor.

For more information on our products or information about installation and specs, please visit the LUXE Linear Drains website. Feel free to contact us at 877-398-8110 with any questions.

Curbless Showers Among Points on Bathroom Safety Checklist

Joe Phillips - Wednesday, October 24, 2012
As the baby boomer generation retires, more and more are remodeling their homes so that they will be able to live in them as long as possible. In order to do this, certain safety considerations must be made.

  • Install curb-less showers: Installing a linear drain in your shower eliminates the tripping hazard of a shower curb or threshold. These drains are installed across the entryway of your shower shower, with the floor slanting in one direction for better drainage and balance.
  • Use slip resistant flooring in the bathroom: Traction for wet feet will significantly decreasing the risk of injury from falls.
  • Install Grab bars: These will provide you with support while bending or moving around and help you to maintain your balance.
  • Use organizational baskets or shelving: Knowing exactly where the things you need will be will eliminate the need for shuffling around, and therefore lower the risk of injury from a fall while showering.

LUXE Linear Drains has linear drains for accessible showers that drain properly. Please visit our website to see our products. Please view this bathroom safety checklist for more information about creating a safe bathroom environment for senior adults.

Accessible Showers Benefit People of All Ages & Abilities

Joe Phillips - Thursday, October 18, 2012
When you think of universal design concepts, an older adult or a person with limited mobility may come to mind. However, universal design concepts – especially those that deal with making spaces accessible to people of all ages and ability levels – bring about a number of benefits one might not initially think of.

An article published last month by Yahoo! News discussed several of the ways an accessible shower can benefit anyone, regardless of their age or abilities. We’ve listed some of the points below for your convenience:

  • Safety for All – Stepping over the side of a tub, or even a shower curb only a few inches tall, can be dangerous. Loss of balance, slipping on the wet floor, and tripping over the curb can cause a variety of injuries. A curbless shower makes entering and exiting safer for all, as well as making the space usable for people who require the use of a wheelchair.
  • A Wise Investment – Remodeling your bathroom to include an accessible shower that family members will be able to use at any stage of life is a great investment. Additionally, including an accessible shower may help you out if you decide to sell your home in the future.
  • Added Luxury – Accessories like linear shower drains, such as those offered by LUXE Linear Drains, create a sleeker, more luxurious-looking space.

If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom to include an accessible shower and are in need of linear shower drains, LUXE Linear Drains has the products you need. Visit our website or give us a call at 877-398-8110 for more information on our linear shower drains. 

Linear Shower Drains Among the Design Considerations for Accessible Showers

Joe Phillips - Friday, October 05, 2012
Although those from the baby boomer generation are reaching their retirement years, most of them are still leading very active lifestyles. With that being said, a good majority of this part of the population desire to live out their retirement years in their own homes – the place where they’ve raised their family and feel most comfortable. However, they also realize the importance of modifying their homes in advance to be prepared for issues that gaining brings about, like limited mobility.

The bathroom is one the rooms that must have modifications in order to make it safe for seniors who live on their own to navigate. A recent ideabook on Houzz discussed in depth some of the design considerations one should think about when designing an accessible shower, which included the following ideas.

  • Install grab bars to assist with balance.
  • If the shower will have a doorway, make sure it is wide enough for a wheelchair to pass through.
  • Consider a one-way slope for the shower floor. This will allow for a shower stool to sit level and not rock on the floor as they do in a shower with multiple slopes.
  • Use linear shower drains. Linear drains help create a safer entry since bathers do not have to step over a curb, which could cause them to lose their balance.
  • Make sure the bathroom, including the shower space, is properly lit. This is especially useful for those with vision impairments. Think about LED backlights for the linear drain.

If you are a senior adult looking to make your bathroom safer and more accessible for the years to come, contact LUXE Linear Drains at 877-398-8110 for your linear shower drains. We will be happy to help you select the right linear shower drains for your needs.

The LUXE Linear Drains Square Tile Insert Point Drain – A Must for New & Remodeled Bathrooms

Joe Phillips - Thursday, September 27, 2012
In addition to our linear shower drains, LUXE Linear Drains is proud to offer another fabulous drain solution, the LUXE Square Tile Insert Point Drain.

Out Tile Insert Point Drain is a must for new and remodeled bathrooms alike. It is a great option for areas of a tile floor or shower that requires a smaller drain. This drain can be used with any type of tile or stone, creating the illusion that water is disappearing into the floor.

The Tile Insert Point Drain is installed just like other tiles, and fits into all standard floor drains. It features a removable tile tray for easier access for cleaning, and like all other LUXE Linear Drain products, it is independent of waterproofing methods or materials – just use any code approved waterproofing materials.

Contact LUXE Linear Drains at 877-398-8110 to learn more about our Tile Insert Point Drain, or visit our website to learn about all of our drain products.

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