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LUXE Linear Drain Installation & Specifications

CSI Master Format Specification and IAPMO Certificate:

LUXE Linear Drains provides linear and tile insert drains manufactured to achieve stylish design elements in residential and commercial projects. Our products have been used in prestigious, award-winning architectural endeavors worldwide. Our consultations with leading designers, architects, and craftsmen have inspired a wide range of contemporary styles and applications.

CSI Master Guide Specification CSI Master Format Specification

LUXE Linear Shower Drains:

LUXE Linear Drains are 100% Stainless steel. We will place our drains next to any of our competitors - we are confident you will choose LUXE. All LUXE Linear Shower Drains are installed independent of any and all waterproofing materials and procedures.

LUXE Stainless Steel Square Tile Drain:

LUXE Drains are 100% Stainless steel. Our SS square tile drain, measures 5" x 5" and replaces the strainer in most standard flanged floor drains. 2" NPT male threaded connection. Make your drain vanish into the floor with the LUXE stainless steel square tile drain. We will place our drains next to any of our competitors - we are confident you will choose LUXE.

LUXE Polished Stainless Knife Slots:

Fully hand polished stainless steel, these knife slots are sleek and readily become a unique feature in your kitchen. Elegant and functional. Working beautifully with any material, be it Soapstone, Marble, Granite, Corian, Concrete, or any of the compounds available, our Polished Stainless Knife Slots add a unique appeal to your countertop. Outdoor kitchen and BBQ installations are very popular and useful.

Knife Slot Installation

Modular Drain Systems:

For commercial kitchen installations, pools and other applications.

Modular Channel and Grate Installation
Modular Channel and Grate Installation (Spanish)

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