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LUXE Linear Drains in Health Care

Senior/Assisted Living, Rehabilitation and more - Safety, Aesthetics and Function

Universal design elements are essential to creating a barrier free and accessible bathroom. LUXE Linear Drains offer the lowest profile designs and preferred installation of barrier free and handicap showers. The ease of installation, product quality, and unmatched customer support make LUXE stand apart from other products in the marketplace.

Hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers are all moving in the direction of universal design providing facility patients and their caregivers an improved quality of life, use, and safety throughout their premises. Designing accessible bathrooms and showers is just one of many components involved with adapting universal design elements to entire campuses. Showers and thresholds throughout connecting interior and exterior spaces are becoming more common as we adapt the newest universal design initiatives.

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We were absolutely thrilled with the quality and look of the finished product. Installation was straightforward and intuitive!

Linda R.
Atlanta, GA

A universal shower design first eliminates the barrier of the shower area to the rest of the bathroom providing a safer entry and exit to the bathing area. Inside the shower the single pitch floor provides a much safer floor surface for wheelchair bound, rehabilitation patients with walkers, and able bodied bathers and their caregivers a far more stable surface to perform necessary daily routines.

The proprietary design of LUXE wedgewire make it the only choice when separating wet areas from dry as the hydraulic function is unsurpassed. Eliminating the spillover at threshold for recommended flow rates of most showers no other linear drain can make this claim. ALL LUXE linear drain products are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The ADA Accessibility Guidelines For Buildings and Facilities Section 4.5.4 specifies that ground and floor grates "shall have spaces no greater than 1/2 in (13 mm) wide in one direction." We are pleased to provide grates that comply with these requirements, so that no individual need be limited from accessing the area safely and confidently.

The 2010 The Department of Justice’s revised regulations for Titles II and III of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) were published in the Federal Register on September 15, 2010.

Our products' quality and manufacturing stand out among the competition. Linear Drains are 100% Stainless steel. Our wedgewire grates are unmatched in craftsmanship and aeshetics. We will place our drains next to any of our competitors - we are confident you will choose LUXE. All LUXE Linear Drains are installed independent of any and all waterproofing materials and procedures.

Linear Shower Drain - Wedgewire

LUXE wedgewire is an architectural grade welded triangular cross section, framed, longitudinal grate, unmatched in design, hydraulic function, strength, and aesthetic appeal. Minimal to zero spillover when installed at threshold, maximizing safety considerations. LUXE wedgewire gratings have limitless custom applications.

Linear Shower Drain - Tile Insert

LUXE tile insert drains are very popular among designers and customers wishing to create the illusion of water vanishing in the floor. Accepts any tile, stone, or other flooring material up to ¾” thick. All LUXE linear drains replace the conventional strainer of any conventional flanged floor drain giving and improved and desirable visual appeal. Tile tray is easily removed for maintenance access and cleaning. Available in 30", 36", 48", and 60" long.

Linear Shower Drain - Pattern Grate

LUXE Linear Shower Drains are available in several standard sizes. Our economical square hole pattern grate elegantly provides form and function. Fits all standard 2" floor drains. Replaces conventional strainer giving an improved and desirable visual appeal. Grate is easily removed for maintenance access and cleaning. Custom designs available. Standard Lengths are 30", 36", 48", and 60".

Stainless Steel Square Tile Drain

An essential design element for new and remodel bathrooms - The LUXE Square Tile Drain! Use any tile or stone to create the illusion of water vanishing into the floor. Install just like tile, fits into all standard floor drains. Removable tile tray for easy access and cleaning.

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