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Hotels and resorts have come to recognize the importance of creating bathrooms for guests that are safe and accessible while maintaining an elevated level of design. LUXE Linear Drains can assist hospitality designers in creating such spaces with ease. Our linear shower drains were carefully designed to be installed independent of any waterproofing method, simplifying the installation process and providing universal compatibility. LUXE pattern grate and tile insert options were created to match any chosen designs and finishes, from classic to modern.

We understand the importance of recognizing that linear drains are not limited to bathrooms in the hospitality industry. LUXE standard and custom products can be adapted for use in pools, spas, restaurants, lobbies, walkways and driveways. The low profile and clean lines lend a unique touch to the design of any hospitality space while providing optimal drainage capabilities and essential lifetime durability. LUXE Linear Drains are constructed of 100% 304-grade stainless steel and can be engineered for a wide range of loading capacities and needs. All LUXE products are rated for indoor and outdoor use in both commercial and residential projects.