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Can LUXE Linear Drains be installed flush against the wall?

Yes, LUXE Linear Drains are designed to be placed wherever you choose in the shower. Flush against the wall, in the middle, opposite the threshold, at the threshold – whatever your design preferences or needs may be!

Wall Installation Cross Section


How do I ensure the water will drain properly? Is the channel pitched?

All LUXE drains have cross-break channel bodies [X-shaped crease] for optimal drainage. No additional pitching of the channel is needed.


How do I slope the floor?

LUXE Linear Drains require a single pitch of the shower (or bathroom) floor towards the linear drain. Build mortar bed and install tile to create a 1-2% grade towards the drain. 

Pictorial Installation Steps


How many outlets do I need?

All standard LUXE products have a central 2” diameter outlet. For anything larger than 60”, we recommend 2 outlets.


What are the standard size linear drains LUXE offers?

LUXE standard sizes are 26 inches, 30 inches, 36 inches, 40 inches, 48 inches and 60 inches. However, we can custom build any size with any outlet position!


What is included with my LUXE Linear Drain?

All LUXE Linear Drains are sold as kits. The drain kit includes a cross-break channel body [X-shaped crease], grate or tile insert tray, and 2-inch threaded adapter.


What type of waterproofing should I use?

All LUXE drains are designed to be installed independent of any and all waterproofing materials and procedures.